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Sr. Colleen Winston, OSB(non-registered)
I love the photos. Thanks so much. Ruth was such a wonderful woman and it was a treat to have known her.

My mother, Marian Bacon (Winston) grew up in downtown Covington and knew Ruth most of her life. Mom lived on Garrard Street. I don't remember if Ruth's family lived on the same street or just nearby. Ruth and mom played together as children and I was able to get them together for a "reunion" a few years back before my mom died. They both really enjoyed remembering the times they shared so long ago.


(PS: I think I have an audio tape of that conversation somewhere in my family files. I seem to remember that it was a poor recording because of the circumstances, but I'll look for it. If I can I put my hands on it, I'll give it a listen to see if it is decipherable. )
Nan Klus(non-registered)

The obituary is well done and the pictures are awesome. You did such a good job. Your Mother would be proud . I know how much time you had to spend on this and your effort shows.

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